Why Choose Artificial Plants?

Artificial Plants

When we think about artificial plants the mental picture normally conjured up is that of a rather dodgy looking plastic plant with tatty silk flowers. All in all, they are a pretty dismal affair relegated to dingy back street or motorway cafes. This however, is no longer the case as artificial plants have moved with the times and the twenty-first century has given forth some truly outstanding new artificial plant designs.

Artificial plants can be a viable alternative to live plants because they offer several advantages. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, they do not require any watering, ever! They do not need deadheading and will not attract insects that can be bothersome to humans. This is because they do not have any pollen, which also makes them perfect for anyone who suffers from plant allergies.

Live flowers can wilt or die whereas artificial plants will last all year round. They do not release sap or poisons that can be harmful to humans and they arrive already at full size or in full bloom since no growing time is required. Artificial plants can be made to measure and custom fit to suit exact requirements if needed.

Even better, they provide an instant feature that requires only minimal maintenance. Although artificial plants may seem like a one off expenditure, it is important to remember that some upkeep is still required. Leaves and flowers will become dusty or dirty therefore will need to be cleaned. Professional office plant maintenance companies will be able to clean and keep artificial plants looking their best all year round saving you the trouble.

Of course, maintenance is not just about keeping artificial plants clean. It is likely that at some point that they may be knocked over or accidentally damaged. In such instances, you may be required to have artificial plants fixed or replaced. Fire regulations also require all artificial plants to meet health and safety criteria therefore are sprayed or manufactured from flame retardant materials.

Advancements in technology have also made artificial plants so real looking that it can be hard to tell the difference between artificial plants and real plants. Artificial plants have also had a reputation for being unfashionable but are becoming increasing less so, as the common misconceptions that have surrounded fake plants for so long are dispelled.

Artificial plants are available in a vast array of styles to complement any décor scheme. They can be a great addition to any office environment and with only a small amount of maintenance can be an eye-catching focal point guaranteed to look good while promoting a warmer, friendlier office or workplace.

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