The Benefits of Using Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

If you own or manage any business then you may have already thought of incorporating plants into your decorating scheme. It just makes so much sense. Having some nice potted plants available for your customers or clients to enjoy lightens the mood. Also, having a nice assortment of potted plants reflects positively on you as a person. Remember that having a “green thumb” means that you are a bit of a horticulturist which is a “good thing”.

Your Office Space is Just Like a Desert to Plants

If you have already given potted plants a try in your place then you most likely got to watch them as they died a slow lingering death. Don’t blame yourself however, because air conditioning and heaters will dry the air out, also plants need good sunlight. This unfortunately means that the average office space happens to be the worst environment to keep plants in, because its just like a desert to them.

Todays Artificial Plants Look Amazingly Real

One simple solution that more decorators are using in today’s commercial environments is artificial “plants”. However; you may be thinking that you have seen fake plants before and they look good from across the room but up close they look like crap. What you may not know is the artificial plants and flowers have come a long way in recent years and now there are artificial plants that look “perfectly real” even up close.

Its All About the Natural Presentation

Also, it is important to remember that “presentation” goes a long way in an artificial plant arrangements. This means that a good pot and “organic”

ground cover, such as bark or Spanish moss are so important for the “complete” natural effect. Also, artificial plants that are hung up high from the ceiling, such as ferns look fantastic and because they are out of reach, no one can ever touch them to see that they are artificial.

Blending Natural Plants With Artificial Plants

Another trick that decorators use is to augment “thick sturdy” natural plants such as thornless cactus or other plant species that thrive in arid climates with artificial plants. This particularly works great if you want to string light green flowering vines up along a wall or window. People who are seated close to the arrangement will see the the large sturdy natural plant and assume that the vines also “growing” out of the pot are real as well.

A Beautiful Permanent Solution that Looks Perfectly Real

Its important to remember that beautiful natural plants that you will find for sale at your local nursery have been raised in optimal environments.

They grew up in climate and humidity controlled greenhouses and were tended to by experts who do what they do every day of the year. So, if you think that you can bring a fresh bushy natural plant into your “arid” work environment you are sadly mistaken. This is why so many business people have said “screw it” and have found a permanent solution in artificial plants.

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